Make health advice personal

The majority of healthcare professionals is often confronted with these, and similar statements. Clients want to age healthier and prevention is becoming an important tool to reach this goal. 


Are you looking for a scientifcally proven microbiome analysis as an addition to your provided services?  Do you want to hear more about the benefits we offer to our partners? Contact us or keep reading to see how we can support your practice.

"I can't get rid of these health complaints"

"My doctor didn't know what else to try"

"I want to get to the source of my problem"

The microbiome plays an important part of your health

Recent scientific studie have revealed the importance of the gut microbiome and its effect on the body. When a client is seeking to improve their health, get rid of complaints or even improve athlethic achievements, it may be valuable to have a look at their gut microbiome.


The gut microbiome might well be the easiest organ to influence through diet and lifestyle changes. As partner of MyMicroZoo you combine information on the microbiome, lifestyle and diet of your client to help them reach their goals.

How do we provide the information about the microbiome? We use state-of-the-art DNA sequencing techniques to analyse the composition of the gut microbiome. We provide a both the normal report as well as a more in-depth analysis especially for specialists with even more, scientifically proven, clinically relevant parameters.


Below you see a sneekpeak of what you can expect in a normal report. Are you interested in our specialists report? Get into contact with us.

Diversity: The general health of your gut
Composition: Which bacteria are present in what proportions
Enterotype: Your microbiome type
Beneficial bacteria: The levels of ‘good’ bacteria within your gut
Less favorable bacteria: The levels of ‘bad’ bacteria within your gut

MyMicroZoo Events and Education: Learn to understand the gut microbiome

MyMicroZoo regularly organizes partner events to bring our partners up to date about the newest developments in the field, answer questions about cases and offer a network opportunity. 

We help new partners on their way by providing information about the microbiome and a MyMicroZoo Masterclass. In this masterclass you can learn, through real life examples, how to incorporate the results in a treatment plan for your patients. 

With our educational package we support partners in understanding the microbiota composition and by doing so provide better, more effective and measurable diet- and lifestyle advice.


We would love to get into touch with you:

Your advantages

Why work with MyMicroZoo


Let clients understand the functioning of their body via their gut microbiome. Help them see how they can improve their microbiome and reach their goals through personalized advice. 

Measuring is knowing

Give your treatment plans a scientifically proven foundation with the results of our 16S analysis.

Start directly 

Offer your patients a kit right away in your practice with our cost-free stock.


No need to fill in complicated forms or run the test yourself. Everything your client needs is in their microbiome testkit and we will do the rest!

Special Report for practicioners

Get access to our specialists report. With a cleaner look and more paramters, it is perfect for professional use.

We help you to get started

With our educational package we help our new partners on their way. Our door is always open for questions from our new partners.

Become a part of the MyMicroZoo community today

More information or apply?

If we have made you curious about a possible partnership, reach out to us. In a chat we would like to hear more about you, your practice and what we can do for each other.



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