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How can we support your research?

MyMicroZoo uses the expertise of BaseClear's prestigious DNA analysis lab in the Bioscience Park in Leiden for its analyses. This enables us to use 16S rRNA sequencing to identify bacteria down to species level and provide high-quality information on the composition and proportions present in the sample.

The entire process takes around three weeks and results in a large volume of data. For scientists we can offer the results of the analysis in various formats that fit scientific use. From our consumer report to the raw data, all is possible and we are happy to help you find what suits your research! Get into contact with us to hear all about the possibilities. 

Science as our foundation


At MyMicroZoo we pride ourselves with putting science at the forefront. The MyMicroZoo team has a rich background in the field of microbiology, microbiota and probiotics and is assisted by an expert Advisory Board. This means that we only provide analysis and results that are based firmly on current scientific understanding and research. 

As such, we stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs and advances within our field, and update our materials and research accordingly. Additionally, MyMicroZoo contributes to academia by publishing papers, partaking in events, and liaising with other top researchers in the field of microbiology. 


    Your advantages

    Why work with MyMicroZoo

    Easy to use

    Our easy-to-use kit allows your participants to take a sample in the comfort of their own home. 

    After that, we take care of the rest so you can focus on what is most important: your research.

    Data formats

    Get your results the way you want them:

    • Our reports

    • Phyloseq format

    • csv files

    • FASTQ

    Everything is possible!


     We make it as easy as possible to strengthen your research:

    1. Download our results in Phyloseq format and import them in R with the Phyloseq Package installed.

    2. Use the Phyloseq package in R to start right away with the analysis and visualisaiton of your data.

    3. Enjoy your beautifull graphs and plots!

    Give something back

    Give your participants a thank you for their efforts.

    Download the reports especially aimed at our consumers  and provide your participants with more insight into their own gut microbiome as a thank you!

    Every researcher has their own approach.

    To accomodate our researchers we offer our results in multiple formats:


    • Consumer report: Give your participants something back for their collaboration by providing them with their consumer report.
    • Specialists report: If you are investigating the gut microbiome data, but don’t feel like diving into the raw data, you can use our specialists report. This report contains many parameters already calculated for you and ready to use!
    • Phyloseq format: Phyloseq is a R-package which allows you to easily investigate correlations and make beautiful graphics such as heatmaps.
    • Raw data: In your account you can download the absolute reads from the Illumina MiSeq sequencer in an .csv file format. Are you looking for even rawer data such as FASTQ files? We strive to get you any format you like!
    MyMicroZoo report
    Specialist report
    Phyloseq format
    CSV files

    Become a part of the MyMicroZoo community today

    More information?


    If we have made you curious about our options for scientists, reach out to us. In a chat we would like to hear more about you, your research and what we can do for each other.



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