How do your gut bacteria influence your health?

The MyMicroZoo microbiota test provides an answer

The large intestine contains about 2 kg of bacteria, also called intestinal microbiota. These bacteria play an active role in the body, influencing for example, in the immune system, brain activity and vitamin production. The bacterial composition varies per person and is highly individual.
The MyMicroZoo analysis shows the composition of your microbiota, and gives insight into how to improve your vitality. Your personal MyMicroZoo report provides an overview of the bacteria that are specific to you. Based on current knowledge, we provide insight into the balance between health-bearing and less good bacteria. You will receive tips on how to positively influence this composition through nutrition and lifestyle. MyMicroZoo closely follows microbiome related scientific research, stay up to date with our newsletter. 

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Dietitians, nutritional therapists and doctors

  • Supports individual nutrition and lifestyle advice

Consumers or clients

  • Helps to make smarter individual choices for nutrition and lifestyle
  • Helps patients with intestinal and digestive problems to understand possible causes
  • Understand how to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Provides insight into how lifestyle changes affect health 
  • Helps to increase energy and improve sport performance
  • Supports implementation of an effective weight management program 
  • Track progress: use the test to chart progress

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You will receive the results clearly presented right here in your own MyMicroZoo account.

In the near future we will provide an information booklet describing how the microbiota can influence your health. In addition we will enable you to compare your bacterial composition with others and we will give examples on how a different diet can help you change your gut microbial composition.


You can see differences in your gut bacterial composition, for example, as a result of consumption of bacteria in foods and as an effect of dietary fibres.

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