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"You are what you eat" is a well-known saying. MyMicroZoo (hereinafter referred to as: “MMZ”) now allows you to actually verify and see for yourself which influence you nutrition has on you. Create an account at www.mymicrozoo.com and become a member of the MMZ community, a so-called “MMZ member”. As an MMZ member, you contribute to further research into microbiota. If you submit a test kit via our sample research website or create an account on our website, these general terms and conditions and the MMZ privacy policy apply.



Your intestines contain an enormous amount and also many different bacteria, the so-called ‘microbiota’. The numbers rise to an incredible one hundred thousand billion bacteria, which consist of over a thousand different species, many of which as yet, we have no knowledge of.


We do know as a fact that the composition of the microbiota in the intestines affects the body and well-being of a person. About the details of these microbiota, regarding cause and effect, much still remains unclear. Much more in debt research will be necessary for this to become more clear.


Together with you, MMZ aims to make an important contribution to this research. Jointly as well as individually, MMZ members are helping to find solutions and answers to the challenges of the present time with regard to microbiota.


By conducting further research of the different bacteria, it is our ambition to be able to eventually recognize certain ‘bio-markers’. These bio-markers can help identifying diseases such as asthma, or autoimmune diseases such as MS. With our research we will achieve to discover the bio-markers that will ultimately help in preventing these kinds of serious diseases. The bio-markers will also help with the assurance for a good quality of life, even up to old age.



What exactly determines the composition of the bacteria in your intestines is unclear. MMZ knows that this composition is influenced by your body as a host for the microbiota; factors such as age, environment and nutrition play an important role. MMZ cannot obtain those specific aspects from the composition of the bacteria alone, which is the reason we request all MMZ members for their lifestyle characteristics, your “lifestyle characteristics”.


From the composition of your bacteria, your microbiota, it is impossible to recognize you as a single or individual natural person. Each composition of microbiota is unique for a specific moment in time and changes every single day, and even during one day. An analysis of your bacteria thus gives an indication of the presence of different types of bacteria, however it does not say anything about ones health and physical condition at that time.



To be able to understand the abdominal ecosystem much better, more research is needed. It is for this purpose that MMZ collects analyzes of microbiota. The analyzes, to be referred to hereinafter as the “Microbiota data”, are saved and stored by MMZ. The samples on which the analysis of the Microbiota data are based will be destroyed by MMZ immediately after actual analysis of the sample. MMZ stores the Microbiota data in a separate database in order for this Microbiota data to remain available for scientific or statistical research (only). The Microbiota data cannot be traced to you or connected to another individual natural person. As MMZ member you have allowed MMZ the opportunity to use the Microbiota data and metadata, and the lifestyle characteristics, for further research. This includes the use for our own research or for the usage of the data in research projects. MMZ is allowed to make this information available to third parties. MMZ will act in accordance with its privacy statement and the conditions thereof, and will always act with due care and integrity. For more information regarding your data and the processing thereof, we refer to our privacy statement (see hereunder under 4).



MMZ uses your personal data only for the purpose for which you have provided them: research of microbiota as indicated above. MMZ does not store any personal data for a period longer than necessary for the purpose for which you have provided the data, after which the data is destroyed or its access made unavailable. The way in which MMZ handles your data can be found in the MMZ Privacy Policy, which in turn can be found on the MMZ website. See: https://www.mymicrozoo.com.



Through the website www.mymicrozoo.com, MMZ offers tests to analyze your gut’s bacteria; the microbiota. Our analyzes are carried out by an experienced and recognized molecular biology institute: BaseClear B.V., located at the Bio Science Park in Leiden (“BaseClear”). Execution of these tests will be subject to very strict conditions. All analyzes are performed on the basis of high-quality DNA analysis techniques available at BaseClear and they are carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards. To our services the laws of the Netherlands apply, even for those MMZ members that live abroad.




Order your test kit online and create your own MMZ account. Your login details are strictly personal, and we advise you to keep these confidential and to refrain from sharing these with third parties. You remain responsible for all activity and access through your account. As explained, we ask you for certain of your lifestyle characteristics and trust that you will provide these truthfully so that MMZ can provide you in turn with the results of the analysis of your Microbiota data later. Should MMZ suspect or have reason to suspect, any abuse, misuse or fraud of your account, we can block or close this account. If you have not used your account for more than one (1) year MMZ will send you a message asking if you want to maintain your account open. If after two (2) years, you have not used your account, we will terminate access to your account and delete your contact details. For more information, see the Privacy Policy on the MMZ website (see above, under 4).



After your registration and confirmation of payment you will receive a test kit from us. Included with the test kit are its instructions. Read the instructions carefully and take a sample of your stool (faeces).


For a correct analysis of your samples, we strictly depend on the material and samples you submit. Submitting other material or incorrect handling of the samples makes that we cannot carry out the correct analysis. MMZ can never be held responsible for any deviations in the results, if the samples do not concern your stool, if your samples have not been treated well or have not been sent to us in the correct way. If MMZ finds that something has gone wrong with the samples and the test kit, we can ask you to submit another sample your stool. However, we are not obliged to do this, even if you have already paid us. No refund is possible.


Therefore, carefully follow the instructions that we send to you with the test kit.



Send your sample or samples in the test kit to MMZ in the supplied envelope. One sample per test kit only. We treat all received samples with great care. We destroy a sample immediately after analyzing the bacteria. For more information, see the Privacy Policy on the MMZ website (see above, under 4).



We will carefully analyze your microbiota. The analysis of the microbiota always gives a ‘snapshot’. An analysis is carried out using the techniques known today and MMZ is committed to achieve the best possible results in the analysis. (Slight) deviations in the analyzes of the microbiota are always possible, even when conducted on the same samples. Deviations in the analysis results of the microbiota from tests carried out on the same samples by other organizations are not uncommon. The analysis results depend on the analysis techniques and materials used.


The execution of our tests is meticulous and is subject to strict conditions. Analyzes are done on the basis of the high-quality DNA analysis techniques available at BaseClear and are carried out according to the highest quality standards.



You will receive a message through your e-mail once your sample has been processed and the test has been carried out. Through our secure website you can then view the results of the analysis of your bacteria after logging in to your personal account, with your personal access code. The analysis of your microbiota and the Microbiota data are only visible to you through your personal account. The Privacy Policy on our website provides you with more information regarding the access and usage of your account.


The analysis of your bacteria can be compared with others with for instance a different or with similar lifestyle characteristics. Such comparison is never on a personal level, however is only possible on the basis of metadata. So there is never a comparison available with (other) recognizable individuals. You are never recognizable as an individual natural person on the basis of the analysis of your bacteria/microbiota.


You can download or print the analysis of your bacteria for (later) own use. Commercial use of our analyzes is not permitted without our prior permission. All analyses remain the ownership of MMZ. The analysis of your microbiota is NOT to be regarded or intended as an advice on or regarding your health.


The analysis does NOT say anything about your health, but gives you a general idea of the composition of your bacteria and microbiota.


For a further interpretation of the analysis of your bacteria, you can always seek further expert advice from third parties. MMZ can, on request, refer you to experts who are known to have the necessary knowledge to interpret these analyzes. They can give further advice in the field of lifestyle, so you might arrive at a different composition of your bacteria in the future.


MMZ can never be held responsible for any of these recommendations and the possible effects thereof on your health or lifestyle and exclude any liability, even if those recommendations are given within the MyMicroZoo community.



Do you have any further questions or would you like more information? MMZ - MyMicroZoo - can be reached via:


MyMicroZoo B.V.

Sylviusweg 74, Leiden

+31 (0)71 5233917


CoC number: 65867637

KvK nummer: 65867637

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